About Table Rock Temperatures

We're striving to provide up-to-date lake temperature information for Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri. Currently, temperatures are recorded by hand at the specific locations shown on the map. View the most recent water temperature for a given location by clicking or tapping on a placemarker. Placemarker locations are accurate.


While we implement various methods to ensure the accuracy of temperature readings displayed on this website, we give no guarantee of accuracy. Please use this site only for recreational convenience.


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Methods Used

When measuring temperatures for Table Rock Lake we use standard industrial equipment. Inconsistencies may be due to sun warming, permanent shade, 'over-depth' (the depth of water beneath a surface temperature spot test) and other circumstances.

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Learn More About the Importance of Water Temperature

Water temperature of Table Rock Lake in Branson, Misouri, and most bass lakes, can be the single most important metric in determining when, where and how you'll catch fish. Many conditions can affect the bite on a lake at any given time throughout the year, but water temperature determines when bass spawn in the Spring, when they begin their 'winter feed' in the Fall, and when different baitfish begin their spawns as well. Baitfish spawns can be an important factor when choosing which bait to use. If bass are shallow while chasing spawning sunfish, then mimicking the action and colors of sunfish can be useful.

Below is a table showing various 'target temperatures'. Temperatures are most important when the water is warming in the spring and cooling in the fall.

Season Ideal Water Temps Notes
Spring 60°F Bass begin spawning as water warms in the Spring. Creek arms such as the James River, White River, and Kings River arms tend to warm more quickly than the main lake are near the Dam.
Summer 65-84°F Water temps are generally warm and bass can be caught numerous ways. By August, temperatures can be as high as +85°F.
Fall 55-60°F At the 60°F degree mark in the Fall, bass can be caught many ways as they are triggered to begin feeding more the winter months.
Winter 40-46°F Water at this temperatures means that baitfish like shad have slowed enough that they are easy forage for bass. Use spoons, cranks, jerkbaits and other lures that mimmick shad.

Many factors affect water temperatures in a lake such as Table Rock, and they can change often. Consider signing up for email updates to be alerted when water temperatures are ideal for a given season.